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The Now Exspirientuality: the Way of Unity

Conversations with Dog  -  Book I

It’s as though you’d been asked how things might go in your Vision of Heaven…'Show Me', you know. And Now, Gregory, you find yourself Here, waking up with your Fellow Beings, waking up with me.

Alice, the Canine Messiah

From the pen of singer-songwriter and philosopher Greg Allen Morgoglione and the wisdom of Alice, the Canine Messiah, comes a Timely, refreshingly optimistic look at the Absoulute gift that is a LifeTime…

If you are a spiritual seeker, one who wishes to consciously evolve, or one who longs to make the world a better place for all human beings, The Now Exspirientuality offers a fresh perspective on Existence.

Rather than seeing ourselves as separate from one another, believing that somehow Unity will miraculously occur at some point further down the road of Life, Alice suggests Looking Again, for…

o The Spiritual Experience—the Opportunity of Unity—is This Here Now.

o You can immediately Live In and From this Now moment that is always your Life. There is only One step, this step…

o Time will not get you to where you have long dreamed of Being. Time is where you have long dreamed of Being.

o Enlightenment is immediately accessible through the simple practice of the One Exercise, a real-life, real-time meditation.

o You rowed a perfectly prepared LifeDreamBoat into the stream of your LifeTime—you arrived perfectly prepared to realize your deepest dreams and grandest visions of, and for, Humanity.

o Includes lyrics to the songs on the CD It's Time That Time Was Overthrown

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Includes lyrics to the songs on the CD

It's Time That Time Was Overthrown


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